Our Mission

Inner Joy was founded by Jeremy several years ago. He was a proper couch potato back then, weighing a massive 250 pounds. Tired of all the physical and mental issues, slowly and steadily he began his journey towards a better version of himself. Over the years, he became a health nut and fitness became a part of his daily life.
On this journey, he realized the poison people were buying daily through their local grocery stores and big-chain supermarkets. Seldom did people care about what went into their bodies and what was thrown into the environment. That's when Inner Joy was born, with the mission to make healthy food accessible to all - food that is good for the people and good for Mother Earth. That's why all ingredients used in Inner Joy products are 100% organic and healthy, and the packaging used is completely biodegradable :)
We dream of a better, healthier world free of poison and free of plastic!

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